When I joined the Avatar Academy I had no expectations about playing the gongs but I knew deep in my heart that it would be a life change and it has been. Through the training I'm learning more about my self to be a better person,better mother and better healer.
What i have learned is priceless and deep. Trinity is an awsome teacher and her guidance comes from a place of pure heart. I'm so blessed I decided to be part of this endless project where I see the transformation of all of us in each class. Thank to my teacher and my classmates.
With love and light "

- Mandhavi Devi.

The saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” for me is certainly true with Trinity and Gong Avatar Academy. Four years ago, I was in a healer’s cottage in England and found myself completely mesmerized and in love with the otherworldly, surreal sounds of her planetary Gongs. It took me two years to find a teacher in Miami. Trinity’s instruction - while always organized - is often channeled and always heart-centered, making her teachings and feedback a deep delve into ourselves that asks we be nothing less than in alignment, in the right headspace to play the Gong. One has to be physically strong to both play the Gong and to move it from place to place; one has to be emotionally strong, to have a strong central nervous system so that the gong doesn’t play you; one benefits from having a strong spiritual base, because the gong is a conduit. The Gong Avatar Academy curricula addresses all these, providing tools in which to expand and support. I have grown in all three ways. It is because of Trinity's training I am able to offer Gong sound healing with my Yoga Nidra sessions. The Gong is the overlapping circle of Vesica Piscis: through you, playing the Gong is where form and formlessness merge into the creative spark.  It is a journey into dimensionality. If you resonate with the gong and wish to play, and perhaps more importantly, to understand yourself better, to grow physically, mentally and spiritually, to develop patience and true understanding in as much as is possible and by measure of the effort you put in,  I highly recommend taking on this commitment. I am forever grateful I have, and this deep, rich training has changed me for the better.

- Lisa Moynaham

This training has been one to sow different seeds within my consciousness, creating a space and an opportunity for me to till them and nurture them as I am called to it and in the process grow. There are several trainings that can teach one the techniques of playing the Gong as an instrument. This is NOT one such place. This training opens one up to the awareness that Gong is not just a percussion instrument to be dominated and mastered; rather it is an external extension of the Gong WITHIN – it is our own consciousness. This training is a training that opens one up to mastering THAT Gong – mastering our own self; and as we do that, it gets reflected in our playing of the external Gong. I am most certainly finding this to be true in my life.

I am glad that I joined this journey, for it has been one of traveling deep and growing up – both at an exponential rate.

- Onkarjeet Kaur

I have had some time to review my numerology.  I am fascinated by it's accuracy.  It is an interesting way of moving forward with this unique knowledge and perspective.  It also validates what I value most in my life. 

My "healing" session was so powerful.  I am still reflecting on that experience and the deep state of relaxation I was able to achieve.  I have also been in a very good mood for the past week. I truly can only attribute that to our time together. 

- Donna R.

I do not really know where to start. I am so infinitely grateful for this training. It has exposed me to knowledge, tools, and teachings that are golden nuggets of treasure. This academy has let me shed a layer (maybe more) of myself, and look at life from a different perspective with different eyes. I entered this journey in one stage or phase of my life and I end this phase in a completely different stage. This training gave me the tools to be able to LISTEN to what my heart and body was saying and be able to communicate with myself with awareness and honesty. Honestly, it introduced awareness to my life and for that I am forever grateful for the Gong Avatar Academy and Trinity as a teacher that I truly look up to, admire, and love. This summer was difficult for me in all the changes and lessons that it brought to me and the Academy was like a strong pillar or foundation that held me together during the times were I felt like things were not going well. It made me look at these changes and intense fears as opportunities to grow further. This has been a wonderful beginning of a lifelong journey with myself, the gong, and these tools. The more I play the gong, the more layers, and the more empty my cup feels .Thank you so much for this wonderful, beautiful experience. I cannot imagine my life without the gong and the Gong Avatar Academy, which is a little funny to say and I never thought I would feel like that in the beginning, but now completing phase 1, I cannot see my life without GAA. I am so excited for phase 2."

- Mari (Valkyrja Dakini)

Our session helped so so much in lifting, moving, and cleaning stagnant energy  and heaviness.

- Maria F.