Gong Avatar Academy Training
1.11 Gong Avatar & Self Mastery
Phase 1 - Sound Player

Next Team  - Starts February 2018

A series of 13 monthly classes

Full Moon Gong Healing
with Trinity Devi 

DEC  3

7:00 - 9:00 pm
305 Yoga Miami Lakes


Join us for a special evening with Trinity Devi to celebrate the Full Moon in sacred gathering, meditation and Gong vibrations.

The full moon brings light into the darkness of the night. This is the perfect time to commit to our inner work. We will shine the light on the deeper parts of us, bring things into new light and cultivate awareness to consciously release that which no longer serves our growth. This is a time to reflect on balance and harmony, and apply forgiveness and gratitude.

We will set intentions that are aligned with the energies in the sky, we will take time to meditate, journal, and allow the sound current of the Gongs to carry and amplify the energy.

Bring a journal, yoga mat, blanket and a pillow. Dress comfortably, as we will be sitting on the floor for breathing and meditation.

Investment $35



Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
with Trinity Devi


Tuesdays  - 7:15PM - Bodhi Yoga Studio

Thursdays - 5:30 PM -  Five Sisters

Sundays - 10:30 AM - Bodhi Yoga Studio

Sacred Gong Sound & Galactic Healing Monthly Activation
With Trinity Devi & Maggy



7:00 - 8:30 pm
Five Sisters

Uniting Ancient Secrets of Sacred Geometry and Gaia’s Healing Crystals,

we gather monthly to allow

the Sacred Sounds of the Gongs

and the Pyramid Energy

to take us on an Interstellar Journey of Galactic Healing and DNA Activation.

Registration $35

Personal Gong Immersion
with TrinityDevi


By appointment only

Kendall, Miami, FL

More info here


New  Moon Gong Meditation
with Trinity Devi

DEC 15

7:00 - 9:00 pm

Bodhi Yoga Studio


Once a month on the Friday closest to the new moon, we gather into sacred practice and community to open a powerful vibratory gateway into the depths of ourselves.

The new moon in all its darkness and emptiness offers us a very receptive energy that can allow new intentions to be birthed and seeded within from a place of pure potentiality.

In these monthly gatherings, guided by Trinity Devi, lets awaken through love, connection, meditation, and different practices, while the powerful sound current of the Gongs open up the portals so that our intentions can be seeded and carried out into the depths of the Self/Universe.

Next Dates:

 Jun 23 / Jul 21 / Aug 18 / Sep 22 / Oct 20 / Nov 17 / Dec 15

Registration $30